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Psychological Conditions We Treat and Assess

Adjustment Difficulties 
Relationship, Communication, & Couples Problems 
Work Stress 
Poor Self-Esteem 
Life Transitions & Career Problems 
Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias 
Anger Management, Rage, & Explosiveness 
Depression, Grief, Bereavement & Loss 
Bipolar & Mood Disorders 
Sexual Abuse, Trauma Recovery, Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD) 
Family & Interpersonal Conflict 
Sleep Problems 
Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity (ADHD) 
Learning Disabilities 
Personality Disorders 
Alcoholism, Addictions, Gambling 
Eating Disorders & Weight Management 
Pain Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, & Fibremyalgia 
OCD & Body Dysmorphic Disorder 
Chronic Health Problems 
Post-MVA & Rehabilitation Difficulty 
Sexual Difficulties & Perversions 
Fertility Problems 
Adoption Issues 
Interracial, Mixed, & Blended Family Issues 
Interfaith Marriages 
Internet, Gaming, & Porn/Sex Addiction 
Gender Identity, GLBT Issues 
Behavioural Problems 
Oppositional Defiance 
Conduct Disorder 
Fearfulness, Moodiness, Social Withdrawal 
Child Abuse 
Attachment Disorders 
Pervasive Developmental Disorders/Autism 
Asperger's Syndrome 
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/ Fetal Alcohol Effects