Anger Management Programs

Anger Management Therapy Ontario

Persistent anger is a serious psychological problem that affects people's mental well-being, personal happiness, the quality of one's family life and interpersonal relationships, work-relations, and physical health. Problematic or chronic anger is an affect regulation disorder and needs professional intervention in order to be remedied. It simply will not go away with time.

Our Anger Management Programmes are unique because we do not advocate a quick-fix approach that other programmes or counselling services claim to offer. Because chronic anger is a systemic and enduring problem in affect regulation, a step-by-step educational or didactic counselling format is of limited benefit. These formats do not produce long-term change. Unlike most anger management programmes that offer group instruction, we do not feel that a group format is the most effective for anger problems because not everyone can profit from group work or formal behavioural instruction. This is why we offer a more intensive and effective anger management therapy that is tailored to the unique needs and life situation of each client.

How Anger Management Works

What distinguishes our approach from other general programmes is that we do not simply counsel people on how to act, nor do we gloss over the real source of the problem. This would be like putting a band-aid over a gaping wound. We know that the only way to effectively make permanent and recognizable change is to address the root cause of what is fueling a person's rage, explosiveness, and destructive behavior. This is why we identify and understand the origins of why a person has anger problems to begin with and attempt to address the source of their suffering. This requires that people be treated with sensitivity and compassion surrounding their emotional vulnerabilities and difficulties that cause their disruptive affect, which negatively impacts on their lives. We attempt to get at the root of the problem, offer viable solutions, involve other family members when deemed appropriate, and allow the client to work-through painful emotional experiences that are the cause of one's anger. This is done in a safe, confidential, and supportive-empathic environment. 


We serve a diverse clientele ranging from private individuals to referrals from the courts, family physicians, employers, corporations, human resource personnel, youth service centres, group homes, child protection agencies, foster care placements, school systems, and parents or guardians concerned with their children or teens.

We also offer presentations and workshops on anger management strategies for the workplace and home for the following clientele:

  • Corporate Seminars

  • Agency Workshops

  • Brown-Bag Lunches

Program Structure for Court-Ordered Clients

Anger Management Counseling

Our general therapy program for court and forensic clients consists of 8 weeks of anger management counseling designed to address basic problems in affect regulation, communication styles, conflict resolution, emotional expression, self-soothing techniques, appropriate assertiveness training, and non-aggressive behavioral change. A certificate of completion is awarded upon concluding the 8 week program. 

Anger Management Therapy

Our individually tailored program for court and forensic clients consists of 12 weeks of individual anger management therapy designed to address the specific problems, life situation, and internal dynamics that each client faces. A letter of completion is awarded upon concluding the 12 week program. 

Basic Skill-Sets and Treatment Objectives Achieved

  • Increased ability to verbally communicate, mediate, and resolve interpersonal problems

  • Increased affect regulation and appropriate emotional expression

  • Cognitive restructuring that promotes healthy affect regulation, decision making, problem solving skills, and behavioral change

  • Increased frustration tolerance

  • Decreased impulsivity and behavioral acting out

  • Increased capacity for conflict resolution

  • Enhanced coping skills

  • Effective self-monitoring, defusing, and de-escalation techniques

  • Increased inhibition of aggression

Anger Management Therapy for Children and Adolescents

We provide anger management counselling, instruction, and guidance to children, youth, and teens who have difficulty controlling their impulses, frustration tolerance, emotional expression, verbal defiance and provocation, aggressive acting out, and oppositional conduct. Counselling and corrective behavioural strategies are individually tailored to the unique needs and challenges of each child. 

Weekend Programs Available