Psychologist Durham Region Ontario
Psychological Associate Durham Region Ontario

Mills | Gosse Psychology is a dedicated team of mental health professionals serving a number of communities in Southern Ontario, Canada and the Ottawa capital region. We provide quality psychological consultation, assessment, therapy, and treatment to adults, adolescents, couples, organizations, children, and their families in need of guidance, mental healthcare, and counselling services. Each professional is highly trained and qualified in their areas of expertise, holds appropriate credentials or licensure, follows guidelines for evidence-based practice, and are under the clinical direction of Dr. Mills and Mr. Gosse. All therapists have the skills and expertise to provide multiple modes of treatment including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), humanistic, and psychodynamic approaches, but also many other forms of treatment uniquely tailored to the client's preferences and needs. 

Please click here to obtain a listing of some of our Mills | Gosse Psychology Staff together with their Credentials and Specializations