Mindfulness Psychologist Ontario

Mindfulness-Based Meditation Practice

Mindfulness-based meditation practices have been empirically proven to help with a variety of psychological and emotional disturbances, improve stress reduction, and introduce a direct method to help improve the subjective quality of your life. Mindfulness strategies have helped millions of people in their daily lives and is used to treat depression, trauma, anxiety, pain management, sleep disturbance, fatigue, concentration and memory deficits, and combat chronic unhappiness. It works by becoming attuned to mind-body awareness, living in the moment, developing different ways of being and knowing, cultivating aesthetic, spiritual, and transcendental sensibilities, and developing a tailored ritual for daily meditation practice.

How Mindfulness Works

Mindfulness-based practice is designed and structured to fit each person's unique life history and current needs. Cultivating mindfulness allows for the intergration of mind, body, and emotion by nuturing the healing power of awareness, transforming unhappiness, and reclaiming life. 

Mindfulness allows us to concentrate on the present moment and to experience life as it unfolds; instead of being absorbed in the regrets of our past or worries about our future. Very often our perceptions of reality are distorted by our past experiences, false beliefs and prejudices, and cultural or social biases. Mindfulness promotes insight, calmness, and the ability to understand oneself and one's emotions. It mobilizes all of our inner strengths, and helps conquer physical and mental problems. Practicing mindfulness means acquiring the so-called "beginner's mind," a fresh and non-judging attitude to the experiences life offers. In the words of world-famous mindfulness practitioner, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, "Mindfulness Meditation can give you back a high degree of control in your life, beyond the automatic actions and reactions that so often drive our behavior. It can free you from being stuck in fear or uncertainty and help you take life on as an adventure in growth and learning and feeling. . . Discover what it's like to see the world you actually have, not the one you think you are missing, and to live the life that is yours to live in its fullness, moment by moment and day by day".