Gifted Assessment Durham Region Ontario

Gifted Assessments

We provide gifted assessments that are required by school boards to ensure that children meet the qualifications necessary to be admitted to such programs. This consists of giving the most current, established, and recognized standardized IQ test (WISC-V) along with a report listing the test scores that school personnel will require for acceptance. 

Opportunities for gifted assessments conducted by school boards are usually not forthcoming, and when they are, they are done at a relatively young age (e.g., Grade 3) and are typically dependent upon support from a teacher. Because IQ changes over time and educators or teachers may fail to identify a child for inclusion in a gifted program, having your child assessed independently is recommended. 

Another reason parents want their children assessed is to challenge the results of gifted testing that was conducted by a school board. The testing used by school personnel does not accurately reflect the intelligence of your child. The testing used by schools is merely a screening device and is not an accurate IQ measure. IQ testing normally takes up to two hours to complete, while the school system uses a paper and pencil screening form to determine which students are deemed intelligent enough to compete in a gifted program. If you want the most accurate IQ measure given to your child, you would need to have this completed privately. 

The same criterion applies to adults who are applying for membership to Mensa, The International High IQ Society. An adult IQ measure (WAIS-IV) is required with a report listing the scores.