Vocational, Career, and Rehabilitation Services

We provide a variety of career management, vocational, and work-related rehabilitation services. A person's strengths, values, needs, and interests are identified through the administration of many innovative career assessment tools and through vocational guidance and counselling. We assist individual and corporate clients through:

  • Vocational Assessments

  • Transferable Skill Analysis

  • Psychovocational Assessments

  • Job Search Training

  • Labour Market Research & Surveys

Vocational Assessment Ontario

Career Exploration for Teens

Most teenagers have no clue what career or profession they want to pursue. This is understandable given that it is virtually impossible to have your life figured out at this age. Often parents and guidance counsellors don't have the training to direct adolescents down the right path. In fact, sometimes parents are worried about pressuring their children too much and therefore do not give adequate guidance. Sometimes they may not see that their child has other career potentials and inadvertantly discourage them from pursuing a certain type of vocational training or field of study. 

This is why we offer a cost-effective screening measure for adolescents and young adults interested in determining their possible career interests and vocational goals. Having a career exploration consultation may also aid parents in determining how to plan and support their child's vocational goals. 

Career Management Services

Clients are helped to develop a specific and strategic action-plan to find an appropriate career fit, assess current labour market conditions and future job projections, and identify a viable and concrete course of action to pursue in order to successfully procure employment. Methods of counselling and assistance include:

  • Career Counselling/Vocational Guidance

  • Customized Job Search Methods

  • Job Sector Identification

  • Labour Market Research in client's work region

  • Portfolio Development

  • Resume Assistance

  • Interview Preparation

  • Employer Identification

  • Social Capital Development

Vocational Assessment

A vocational evaluation is a comprehensive, systematic process to identify and assess the vocational interests, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes, and functional limitations relative to the client's preferred rehabilitation goals or employment outcome. A vocational evaluation is an educational process in which the client obtains greater self and work knowledge. They identify transferable skills, vocational potential, and reasonable accommodations or assistive technology to remove barriers to employment. Defining occupational areas of interest empowers the individual and establishes a greater degree of confidence in career decision-making. The outcome is a comprehensive vocational evaluation report that is used for further rehabilitation planning towards successful and sustained employment outcomes. Between 3 to 5 concrete vocational options are identified along with labour market information and wage expectations. The report also recommends services to enhance the client's ability to fully achieve his or her individual rehabilitation goals, and maximize employment potential. 

Psychovocational Evaluation

A psychovocational evaluation is a comprehensive assessment that expands upon a vocational assessment by also addressing the psychological, emotional, behavioural, psychiatric, and cognitive components that affect a client's work relted capacities and adaptive functioning. 

Transferable Skills Analysis

Transferable skills are those occupationally relevant characteristics not directly affected nor eliminated by the individual's physical, cognitive, or emotional impairment. Transferable skills are learned work behaviours which may be usable in more than one occupation. The purpose of a transferable skills analysis is to identify what skills an individual possesses, which can be re-deployed in jobs other than those previously performed. The outcome is a detailed transferable skills analysis report that is used for further vocational exploration and planning. Between 3 to 5 concrete vocational options are identified along with labour market information and wage expectations. The report also recommends websites and provides resources that will allow the client to fully achieve his or her rehabilitation goals and maximize employment potential. 

Labour Market Research & Surveys

A labour market survey is a detailed search into local labour market trends, the hiring criteria of specific employers, and salary ranges offered in a variety of employment sectors. A labour market survey provides a realistic view of an employment goal, identifies job requirements for hiring, and leads to concrete steps to attain employment. This process typically results in a minimum of 10 direct employer interviews. 

Job Search Training

Job search training involves a customized job searching action-plan tailored to the client's vocational objectives. It assists clients who have reached their job preparation objectives yet may have certain restrictions but are seeking to return to work. Clients who have been out of the job search process or have a gap in their employment history due to a disability will benefit from an update of current job searching techniques and employer expectations. Clients will be connected to employment services and resources within their region and/or community for continued support.