Psychological Treatment Philosophy Ontario

Psychological Treatment Philosophy

Because each person is unique, with his and her own personal history, perspective, and worldview, we do not treat people as if they are all alike. And we do not believe that one form of mental health treatment applies to everyone.

Unlike some modes of practice that boast a quick-fix or promise immediate psychological symptom relief, we believe that the only way to achieve permanent and positive change is to address the cause of one's difficulties. This is why our approach to mental health treatment is eclectic, realistic, and tailored to the distinct needs of each person. Our staff are trained in multiple modes of mental health therapy and evidence-based psychological interventions that cater to your specific context and life situation where your individual goals and expectations can be realized.

This requires that you feel listened to, understood, validated, and authentically cared about in a humanistic fashion. This transpires within a safe and emotionally supportive environment where conflicts are identified, expressed, understood, and transcended through insight, increased coping, problem resolution, and behavioural change.

We provide guidance and direction when requested, support and validation when needed, insight and knowledge in the face of uncertainty, meaning when none seems to exist, and engender hope that things can be different.