Family Reconciliation and Parental Reunification Therapy

Mills Gosse Psychology must be appointed by the courts to perform family reunification or reconciliation therapy services between parents and children. The court order must specifically appoint Mills Gosse Psychology as the service provider, and not Dr. Mills or an identified therapist on staff, as only specially qualified therapists will be assigned this role. Once a court order is obtained appointing Mills Gosse Psychology as the treatment provider, we must receive a $1,125.00 retainer to begin the therapy. Future sessions will be charged at the OPA rate of $225.00 per 50 minute session hour. The therapy will begin with individual meetings between each parent and the therapist separately for 1 hour each. After which point, and if the therapist feels all parties are ready to move forward, the therapist would meet with each child individually for 1 hour to determine the readiness of reintegration therapy. The reunification process is completely dependent on the clinical judgment of the therapist, and who will also decide on how the process will proceed and the total number of sessions required. This often takes several months to complete. Any reports required for the courts will be charged the OPA hourly rate.