Couples & Marital Therapy

Couples Counselling Ontario

Many of our staff have extensive expertise in working with couples and providing marital therapy, and are registered with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. AAMFT certification is the highest credential of professional competency granted to marriage and family therapists in North America, which takes years of post-graduate experience and clinical supervision to obtain.

How Couples Therapy Works

Couples therapists are attuned to the dynamics and nuances of relational patterns, dysfunctional communication styles, and personality clashes that often underlie and fuel difficulty among couples. Every couple is unique, with their own unique set of concerns, dissatisfactions, and conflicts; therefore each treatment must be sensitive to understanding the couple as a unit whereby each member participates in and contributes (either directly or indirectly) to the difficulty they are experiencing together.

Couples interventions are directed toward reducing tension, problem resolution, improving communication skills and listening patterns, and promoting validation, empathy, understanding, and mutual recognition that are necessary in order to form health intimacy, attachment, and emotional connection with each other.

Couples typically struggle with personality clashes, control and power issues, disagreements about household, lifestyle, or child-rearing practices, opposing needs, extended family conflict, the effects of childhood, intimacy or sexual difficulty, external pressures or interfering stress, and life after an extramarital affair. Healing occurs when conflict, thoughts, and feelings are explored in a safe and mutually supportive environment by a skilled and compassionate therapist where change is rendered possible, solutions can be realized, and transgressions may be forgiven. 

Marital therapy from a spiritual-based perspective is also offered upon request.